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Introducing Repair AI - our exclusive tech enabled product - now available for Property Meld customers

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The Next Generation Repair Hotline

24/7 Maintenance Coordination for $2.50

Yes, the product we, and our competition, sell at about $6, is now technology enabled, with live US agent emergency dispatch, for <1/2 the price.

Tech enabled and available for Property Meld customers

Smart Phone

Calls only - we can do that too - 24/7 at $0.99
'Maintenance AI'

For just $0.99 per unit (again about 1/3 of the cost normally), we can handle your maintenance phone calls 24/7/365, and we'll dispatch emergencies after hours with our US agent team. 

Tech enabled and available for Property Meld customers

What's included in RepAIr?

 - Take the initial phone call, live, or via text to work order, or online request from Meld or Appfolio

- Key the work order in if not already done

 - Send issue-specific troubleshooting

- Dispatch your vendor via the software on non-urgent work orders

- Dispatch by phone after hour emergencies, or text your team on business hour emergencies

- Non-urgent check in next day with tenant and vendor to prompt scheduling if not already done

Maintenance Call Center for Residential Property Managers

EZ Repair Hotline is here to coordinate maintenance for your properties 24/7.

Our expert team is always available to handle after-hours emergency maintenance calls, so you can rest easy knowing your properties are in good hands.

We work directly in your software...

screen shot property management software
computer screen property management software

EZ Repair Hotline takes your calls and online requests through your property management software, troubleshoots the issue, and dispatches your vendor 

How We Work

We give you your weekends back - and so much more

We offer a complete solution for all your maintenance coordination needs, from dispatching to after hour maintenance emergency call handling

And not just weekends....

 - Dinner time phone calls

 - Holidays

or....let us handle your daytime maintenance calls as well!  

Calendar to schedule maintenance

Why Choose EZ Repair Hotline?

EZ Repair Hotline takes the hassle out of property maintenance, so you can focus on running your business.

Woman setting up EZ Repair Hotline maintenance call center

Easy Setup

We set up everything on our end

And our team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

AI Enabled Troubleshooting

From disposals to AC issues, trust us to troubleshoot maintenance with your resident to try to save a service call.  








General Maintenance

Our Services

From routine maintenance calls to emergency repairs, EZ Repair Hotline has you covered.


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