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Maintenance Coordination  for Property Managers

EZ’s 100% US Team will handle your maintenance coordination, from full service, to just after hours - you choose what level of support you need.

And our unique technology, EZR Tech, allows your vendors and tenants to schedule and communicate online, while still using your PM Software; or for Property Meld customers, we work directly in Meld for communication and scheduling.

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Check out our new program with HOMEE to see how you can solve your vendor 

issues and have your maintenance coordinated with our new combination offering


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EZR Tech is the result of an exclusive partnership with, who has been building technology for the property management industry for the last several years.  EZR Tech leverages technology that partners automated communication and scheduling, with EZ's best-in-class process to provide a unique solution for property managers.  


Our Customers

"Have been using EZ Repair at Dodson Property Management for a few years. We've used their full service model and their after hours/holiday model. Andy and his team are terrific and have saved us when in a few personnel binds. Easy to work with for us, our tenants AND our owners!"

Tim Wehner 
Vice President


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