EZ Repair Hotline

EZ Repair Hotline takes your calls and online requests through your PM software, troubleshoots the issue, and dispatches the vendor.


For just $5.95 per unit monthly, you will receive:

 - 24/7 call receiving for your tenants.

 - Online work order handling via all major PM software programs (including Appfolio, Buildium, RentManager, and Propertyware).

 - Troubleshooting with your tenant to try to save a service call.

 - Dispatching to your favorite vendors, or to our on-demand network of contractors powered by HOMEE.

Just need call receiving?  Starting at $1.49 per unit per month.  

*100 units minimum pricing, and significant discounts over 400

EZ will work directly in your software, supported by our 100% US Team, our exclusive technology, and our vendor network powered by HOMEE if you choose.


EZ's exclusive technology, EZR Tech, works with your software and provides immediate troubleshooting and acknowledgement by text, and online scheduling for your tenant and vendor (no API required) - EZR Tech works with Appfolio, Buildium, Propertyware, and more.  

Our 100% US Team

From our center in Las Vegas, NV, our US team members are experts in maintenance dispatching and coordination.  They will ensure troubleshooting is completed with your tenant, and they will dispatch your vendor, or a HOMEE vendor if you choose.  

Vendor Network

EZ works directly with your vendors, or we can add our vendor network powered by HOMEE, at no cost.  HOMEE is a national network of qualified contractors available for immediate service.

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