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Maintenance Coordination for Buildium Customers

Working directly in your Buildum account, using EZ Repair's Proven Process, and our EZ Success Model, EZ will handle your maintenance coordination, from full service, to just after hours - you choose what level of support you need.  


Trust EZ's proven process to handle your maintenance coordination needs. 

As a Buildium customer you receive:

 - A significant discount on every EZ Repair product (10-20% depending on product)

 - We waive our 120 unit minimum, and hold just a 40 unit minimum charge for Buildium customers

 - Buildium-specific follow up plan after onboarding to make sure everything is going well from the start

 - Our expert-level staff, trained by Buildium on Buildium work orders

 Buildium Rate         $0.89          $2.29           $3.95          $7.95