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Where is the work done?

EZ Repair Hotline is 100% US, with calls being taken from our property management maintenance call center in Las Vegas, NV 24/7/365.

Do you work in my Property Management Software?

We work in all major web-based property management software systems, with all of our products.  So you will have work orders created, with notes as needed.  Our automation, EZR Tech, works without having to access another system besides your own PM software.

Who is answering the phone and coordinating my maintenance?

We have a combination of experienced property managers and trained team members, so you know you will be getting expert help in coordinating your maintenance.

Do you follow our process?

With our Repair Hotline, you're getting our proven process, with the ability to customize certain things like emergency criteria.  If you choose to add a US Virtual Assistant for follow up, they will coordinate with you to customize exactly what you need.   

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