• andyshn

COVID-19 Updates from EZ Repair

We wanted to share a brief update on how EZ is working with the current situation, so we are outlining some of our steps here.

- Initially, EZ set a policy around working in our office space, and offered work from home to any of our team that wanted to do that. To that end, we set up tools (including Slack and Zoom meetings) to coordinate with our work from home team.

- Now, EZ is 100% home based until the current situation changes. We've secured additional PCs and phones to outfit home offices for our team, and we're meeting twice weekly via Zoom with our remote team. While we have a new office to move into April 1, which we secured earlier in the year, we will delay the physical move until an appropriate time to bring our workforce back to a center environment.

- We're making certain that our team has ample paid time to cover any related sick time for employees or family, and we're going to be supplementing that paid time off as necessary.

- We have created templates to be included in work orders to vendors and acknowledgements to tenants to ensure CDC procedures are followed for home visits, and we're following custom protocols for property managers who have created a company specific standard.

We've also had the opportunity to communicate with many of our customers about how they are working with the situation, so that we understand how to best provide support.


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