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How to Take Care of Wood Floors

Wood floors have an allure and versatility that few floor options can match. They make a strong instant statement to your house and keep your interior space looking welcoming and elegant. However, maintaining that gloss finish requires lots of effort and time. Here's how you can take care of your wood floors and keep them looking clean and polished.

Create a Buffer Between the Floor and the Furniture legs

No matter how careful you are, your furniture legs will eventually scratch, gouge, and wear down the finish of your wood floors. But you can avoid that by keeping all furniture on top of an area rug or covering the furniture legs with thick felt pads. Remember to replace the protectors frequently, especially for furniture that slides around often.

Vacuum Regularly

Weekly vacuuming not only keeps your home clean but also picks up any dirt that could scratch the floor when you walk on it. Stepping on debris lying around the floor will have a sandpaper effect. To prevent that, use a vacuum with a soft floor nozzle and a strong suction to pull up any particles that are stuck in cracks and between planks. If you have kids or pets at home, consider dusting the floor daily.

Identify the Right Cleaning Product for Your Floor

Learn the best solutions for cleaning your floor, depending on whether it's made of solid, engineered, or reclaimed wood. Avoid any products that promise to restore the sheen in your floors, as they will damage it in the long term. Preferably, stick to what the manufacturer recommends.

Learn How to Mop Wood Floors the Right Way

To deep clean your wood floor, first dry clean or sweep it. Then dilute the recommended cleaning product according to the label instructions and get a mop that has a microfiber head. Wet the mop and wring it almost dry before you start. As you mop, make sure you don't leave any standing water on the floor.

Mind Your Footwear

Shoes can cause a lot of damage to your floor. Consider leaving them at the door and wearing comfy slippers. But if you don't want to enforce a no-shoes rule in your home, make sure shoes with spiky heels, and those with treads that collect gravel are off-limits.

Don’t Let Spills Sit

Ignoring a wet or sticky spill will eventually harm the looks and lifespan of your floor. Whether it’s a beverage spill, a pet accident, or an ice cube that has fallen under the table, take care of it immediately. Use a dry cloth to wipe up the mess and don't leave any moisture on the floor.

Polish Quarterly

Mopping your floor will eventually take a toll on your wood floor’s finish. To restore the luster and shine and prevent stripping, polish the floor quarterly. Use a recommended polish that drys fast without leaving a residue or emitting harmful gases. It will fill those scratches and maintain the floor’s appearance before you decide to refinish after a few years.

Let a Professional Repair or Recoat your Wood Floors

Whether you have a classic, modern or rustic wood floor, you need to take good care of it to ensure longevity. Apart from dusting daily, vacuuming weekly, and inspecting for scratches monthly, it’s smart to work with a wood floor expert when you want to repair damaged planks, remove tough stains, or recoat the entire floor.


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