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Why is it important to keep clean HVAC filters installed?


HVAC is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system installed in a building at the residential or commercial level. This system circulates air and ventilation while maintaining fresh air quality with temperature moderation. The HVAC system has specialized and efficient air filters installed in it, which act as gauze to refine the passing air. The performance and optimization of the HVAC system depend upon the condition of the filters present in it.

Why are clean HVAC filters important?

It is essential to keep the filters of the HVAC system clean to cut down on energy costs and to maintain fresh and ambient quality air. With the passage of time, dust and grime deposit inside the gauze of the filter, obstructing the air passageway and it not only makes the air stale but also puts pressure on the system to forcefully push the air through grime coated gauze. This, in turn, raises energy consumption and puts a burden on your bank account. According to an estimate, approximately 50-55% of the energy is wasted in an HVAC system during heating or cooling because of the dust deposited in ducts and filters. If the ducts and filters of the systems are thoroughly dusted off regularly, it can reduce energy consumption cost up to 30%. HVAC systems with dusty filters contaminate passing air and circulate stale air throughout the room. This spreads the molds, fungus, and allergens that may become the cause of many air-borne diseases. Obstructed and clogged HVAC filters accumulate the toxic gas carbon monoxide, which is a deadly poisonous gas if it gets leaked into the room or building. Overall, these unclean filters not only pose a threat to health, but the life expectancy and efficiency of the HVAC system are also compromised. Regular maintenance of the filters and duct system can save you from the high cost of a new system.

TIPS for maintaining HVAC filters:

HVAC maintenance is the key to avoid costly repairs and reinstallations. Filters can be regularly replaced with new ones because it is an easy solution. In case filter cleaning is required, call for a professional to do it for you. Filters must be additionally updated like HEPA filters, which is optimal to filter out the hypoallergenic components from the circulating air. Moreover, cleansing the coils, drainpipes, and the fan is recommended to enhance the life of HVAC filters.


Quality HVAC systems and clean filters make for a safe place for the health of the people as well as the system itself.


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