Call Receiving Only

Just need call receiving?  For $1.49 per unit monthly, EZ will take your after hour maintenance calls, and dispatch emergencies. 


For $2.99, EZ will handle all hours maintenance calls - daytime and after hours.  

The EZ Repair Hotline

For $5.95 per unit monthly, EZ will take your calls and online requests, troubleshoot, and dispatch, 24/7/365.  And on emergencies, we'll follow through to verify the vendor is on site.  

Can You Do Follow Up

As an add on option - EZ Repair Hotline provides best in class follow up by assigning you a specific Virtual Assistant, in the US, who will work with you and follow your specific procedures.  They can take vendor calls, and will help with invoicing and turns if you choose, per your instructions.  

EZ recommends 15 hours monthly per 100 doors (15 hours costs $405 per month).  


6543 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89119


Tel: 800-488-6032

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